PA-RUM-PA-PUM-PUM!!! A new look at a Christmas classic!
Here comes The Little Drummer Mouse,a lovable and endearing story by Mercer Mayer, author and artist; an original musical production filled with holiday cheer and spirit.
Christmas is coming and the Little Drummer Mouse wants just one play his toy drum to a welcome audience - the only problem is, nobody seems to want to listen to his music. Worse than that, the other animals actually make fun of him for playing his toy drum. He wanders around sadly, when he happens to discover a stable. But, it's not just any stable - it's the stable where Jesus is born. And, everyone there is thrilled with the Little Drummer Mouse's drumming, making him feel truly special and making it a Christmas he will never forget.

You will need Quicktime to hear the samples below. There will be a short wait before each sample plays.

I Wish 256k
You Must Be From The City 276k Story Clip 2 296k
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